garrett rockey aquius image
-------- // AQUIUS - PROTOYPE LEVEL 1 // --------
This is the prototype version of level 1. Level 1 is a tutorial level teaching the user the ropes and functionality of how to play. This level was used during the alpha and beginning of beta testing, it has since evolved.

Aquius began as a fun smash and grab love story about monsters. It was created by my good friend Javier Garcia during a school game jam. After months of tweaking and adjusting, the game was ready for its pitch. The game was green lit and the adventures of a water droplet became reality. I am the lead level designer, prop designer, lead audio engineer, and project manager. Our team is comprised of 3 core members, Javier as Lead Programmer, Nick Wilkerson as Jr. Level Design & Prop Artist, and Myself. This game is currently in Beta testing. Our first round of alpha went fantastic and we hope to bring the game to the public very soon. The game is currently being developed for iOS and should be out around the end of August for free on the Apple App Store.
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