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----- // MADE UP HEROES // -----
When I first thought of this game, I wanted a game that was fun and exciting for a group of friends or a whole family. It started out as a Third-Person zombie shooter but soon grew and evolved into something more. It became an arena game that was about young kids on a playground pretending to be super heroes created using their imaginations to fight off evil villains who try to take over the jungle gym for personal gain. As the game progressed in my mind, so did the team. My team grew into a strong game design machine!

I am the project manager, creator, lead artist, junior programmer and junior level designer. On the bottom of this project page you can see the first iteration of the game that I built in Unity 3D over the course of a month. A few walls, small buildings, and a capsule for the player object was the base prototype for “Made Up Heroes”. The game is still in alpha but progresses every day. Below is a downloadable zip file that contains the Windows version of the playable alpha and its containing folder with all assets needed to play the game. This game does require the use of two(2) or more Xbox 360 controllers and the windows compatible Xbox driver.
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